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29 November 2019
By Nardus Schroeder
Exchange Online vs. Exchange On-Premise

There are two versions of MS Exchange solutions — hosted and cloud — and many organizations struggle to come to a conclusion about which version to opt for. .... Read more

22 November 2019
By Nardus Schroeder
Introduction to Email and Document Classification

Classification is the easiest way to distinguish between sensitive and public information – a distinction that everyone in your organisation can make in the emails and documents they create.... Read more

22 November 2019
By Nardus Schroeder
SQL Service Not Getting Started Automatically After Server Reboot

In my lab and I faced an interesting issue. Once I configured service accounts for SQL Server service and restarted the machine, SQL Service didn’t start automatically... Read more

14 November 2019
By Nardus Schroeder
Registry: Add [Run as Administrator] to Right-Click Menu in Windows 10

By Default, the [Run as Administrator] item is missing from the right-click menu in Windows 10, but the following trick can bring this back.... Read more

14 November 2019
By Nardus Schroeder
A guide to SQL Server performance troubleshooting

Monitoring SQL Server performance is a complex task, as performance depends on many parameters, both hardware and software. It’s recommended to monitor these parameters proactively in order to prevent any potential performance degradation.... Read more

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